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"The Lifestyle" Antibes, France"Jump For It" Barcelona, Spain"Headless Love" Cinque Terre, Italy"Mystery Kiss" Mystery Canyon, Zion Natonal Park, Utah"Wailupe Lifestyle" Wailupe Boat Launch, Aina Haina, Hawaii"Common Bonds" Maneater Tower, Zion National Park, UtahEmily & Bryan Engagement 1Emily & Bryan Engagement 2Emily & Bryan Engagement 3Emily & Bryan Engagement 4Emily & Bryan Engagement 5Emily & Bryan Engagement 6"Israil Direct" Moe's Valley, St. George, Utah"Lounging" Las Vegas, Nevada"Simplicity" Devil's Garden, Escalante National Monument, Utah'The Tree of Light and Shadow" Escalante National Monument, UtahBryan Teaters on Pitch 3 of "Our Father" Black Velvet Canyon, Red Rocks Canyon, Nevada